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Seriously Uncork Yourself

Oct 1, 2020

Title of podcast: Progress, Not Burnout

“ All forms of respect, understanding, and curiosity come from learning about other people and to respect their experience, and what informs them to how they see the world”  - Shawn Buttner

Today on the podcast, I am interviewing Shawn Buttner, husband, Certified High Performance Coach, Entrepreneur, recovering software engineer, and an expert in preventative and recovery from burnout.

During this episode Shawn Buttner breaks down why society will tell people to destroy themselves as they watch people around them succeed.  And … that it’s a badge of honor to work so much your family forgets what you look like, wreck your health, and compete to see who can work the hardest with little or no sleep. 

Shawn shares how you should take time for yourself and family to reenergize, enjoy laughter, have fun, and ways to alleviate burnout.


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